You Are What You Eat

Have you ever wondered if what you eat affects how you feel? Shawn Seuferer, nutritional therapy practitioner at Vitalistic Protocol, LLC, presents an overview of how what you eat affects your digestion, your hormones, your moods, and your energy as a woman. She will also give tips on how to determine for yourself whether a particular food agrees with your body. 

Garbage In, Garbage Out
Vitalistic Protocol, LLC, presents a fast-moving 1-hour educational and entertaining demonstration, “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” This presentation may be tailored to the appropriate age group from elementary to high school students to adults in the workplace and organizations in the Eau Claire Area. Audiences have included the Eau Claire Area School District elementary, middle school and high school students, UW-Eau Claire, One Tree Martial Arts Studio, and several others in Eau Claire.

Call 715-225-2147 or email for details.